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I can't thank 17 Plumbing & Construction Design Ltd enough for their exceptional plumbing services! From start to finish, their team demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a true commitment to excellence.

We had a persistent plumbing issue that had been causing us headaches for months. Their skilled technicians quickly identified the problem and provided a thorough explanation of the necessary repairs. The level of transparency and clear communication throughout the process was truly refreshing.

Meryem Benousa, Mississauga



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Welcome to 17 Plumbing & Construction Design Ltd, your trusted partner in top-notch plumbing solutions. With years of industry experience, we take pride in delivering excellence in every faucet we fix, every pipe we mend, and every system we optimize. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals brings a wealth of expertise to ensure your plumbing needs are met with precision and care. From residential repairs to commercial installations, we've got you covered. We believe in prompt, reliable service that doesn't cut corners. Discover seamless plumbing experiences with 17 Plumbing & Construction Design Ltd. Your satisfaction flows through every project we undertake.

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17 Plumbing & Construction Design understand the unique challenges that come with providing plumbing services for condominium buildings. We have the experience and expertise necessary to handle everything from routine maintenance and repairs to large-scale installations and upgrades.


Our team of licensed and insured plumbers has the knowledge and skills to work with a wide range of plumbing systems and fixtures commonly found in condominium buildings. We are familiar with the codes and regulations that govern plumbing in multi-unit buildings and are committed to providing high-quality service while maintaining compliance with all applicable laws.

We offer a full range of plumbing services for condominium buildings, including but not limited to:

1. Regular maintenance and repair of plumbing fixtures and systems, such as toilets, faucets, pipes, and drains.

2. Installation and replacement of plumbing fixtures and systems.

3. Emergency plumbing services, including 24/7 availability for urgent repairs and maintenance.

4. Renovation and remodeling services, including bathroom and kitchen upgrades, fixture replacements, and more.

5. Plumbing inspections and assessments, including identifying potential problems and providing recommendations for improvements.

At our plumbing business, we understand the importance of timely and reliable plumbing services for condominium buildings. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, communication, and customer satisfaction to ensure that our clients' plumbing systems are functioning correctly and efficiently.



Welcome to 17 Plumbing & Construction Design Ltd, a distinguished name in the plumbing industry with a legacy of over 15 years of expertise. With a strong foundation built upon our owners' extensive experience, we've proudly served the community for 3 successful years. Specializing in providing exceptional plumbing solutions to Condominium buildings, we're your trusted partners in maintaining efficient plumbing systems that stand the test of time.

Our dedication to excellence goes beyond traditional plumbing services. As a testament to our commitment, we've been entrusted with providing emergency plumbing services to prominent commercial establishments, including Pearson International Airport. Our reputation for swift and reliable solutions has earned us the privilege of serving such vital infrastructure.

At the core of our operations lies a focus on high-rise plumbing excellence. Our daily activities involve intricately changing pipes in tall buildings, ensuring seamless water flow for residents and businesses alike. Stack cleaning, a critical aspect of plumbing maintenance, is also a cornerstone of our services, contributing to the hygiene and longevity of plumbing systems.

At 17 Plumbing & Construction Design Ltd, we stand as more than a service provider – we're your partners in plumbing success. With a blend of experience, innovation, and a customer-centric approach, we're here to enhance your plumbing experience, one project at a time. Discover the difference of plumbing solutions that are as reliable as they are efficient.

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